• Easybox con tappeto 1 x 2 metri

Easybox is a next-generation direct-to-packaging printing solution. It can customize paper and fabric shoppers, cardboard boxes, envelopes, tags, coasters, and even thick packaging such as wooden boxes and cardboard boxes already assembles and filled with goods.. the list of applications is virtually endless!

Easybox is equipped with laser pointers and conveyor table with high-grip continuous belt. The table dimensions can be customized accordingly to customer needs.

Depending on the configuration, Easybox can have automatic feeder, infeed table, exit tray and lifter for handling materials up to 490 mm height.

The modularity of the system allows the use of Trojanlabel T3-OPX CMYK inkjet printing module, with HP pigmented inks, BS5609 certified, resistant to water, humidity, scratches and sunlight, or CMYK+white LED inkjet module.

Easybox is available for leasing or rental. Contact us for a free trial!

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