Lemorau ER400

  • ER400 con altezza sollevamento 900 mm

The ER400 roll lifter minimizes the risks involved in handling paper rolls and makes your job easier. It is a simple and robust accessory, essential for any label converter. It is not necessary to manage power supplies or batteries, the machine is equipped with a simple mechanical device with stress reducer, ready to use anytime.

The shaft is equipped with convex sliding bearings, for a better weight distribution; the internal roll core leans on the whole surface of the bearing, not only on the shoulders.

  • Rolls up to 150 Kgs
  • Standard 2000 linear meters rolls
  • Roll width up to 400 mm
  • Standard Working height up to 900 mm
  • Roll core 76 mm (3”)

Customizable for any lifting height or roll size/weight