MA-350 combi finishing label press

MA350 series machine is ideal for the finishing of preprinted labels on rotary or digitalĀ  machines. It allows to combine silk-screen, flexo and letterpress units, semi-rotary die-cutting, flat hot stamping, cold foil, embossing and many other options in one single semi-rotary platform.

Silk-screen units are totally servomotorised, and adjustments can be made while the machine is running, in order to maximise the production and minimise the waste.

Register setting is automatic; register is maintained also during accelerating and decelerating phases. It is also possible to manage individually the register of each unit, so to follow potential gap variations of the preprinted labels on digital machines.

The data relevant to each work are electronically saved on the PC, for future reprints. According to the used modules, the machine is able to reach the maximum speed of 70 meters per minute.