Management software Label calculator


Erre.Gi.Elle developed its property software Label Calculator, a useful tool for the estimation and management of the jobs carried out with the most popular digital printers.

The software works on any PC. Label Calculator allows to:

  • estimate and monitor costs of paper, machine, start, operator and ink of the jobs executed with Trojan printers, as well as with the most popular inkjet, memjet and laser printers.
  • estimate costs of finishing, including varnishing, hot stamping, lamination, silk-screen printing, die-cutting.
  • save and change a database of printing materials
  • save and upload jobs, through a client list and a file list
  • have an automatic calculation of the printable label lines in the machine and the relevant paper runs that can be used

The user can select language, measurement units (metric or imperial) and set any local currency.

The software can print a PDF report for the records and a PDF commercial offer regarding the job, including logo and header of the user’s enterprise.

It can also be used on the go, from your commercial network, for just-in time estimation of jobs.

Label Calculator is provided on a USB pen drive and is self-installing; it is very intuitive and does not require complex skills. Contact us for a free demo!