Mida MF350

  • MF350

Mida MF350, with lightning-fast start-up times and printing speed up to 70 m/minute, is the ideal solution for both small and large label productions.

It can combine flexo modules, semi-rotary die-cutting, hot stamping, cold stamping, embossing, inkjet relief printing, turnbar, lamination (linerless, with liner or flexo adhesive) and various other options in a single platform without loops.

Registration is automatic; The register is keeped even during acceleration/deceleration. This allows to work without production waste, passing from the reel to the finished product in a single pass, without the need of inspection machines.

  • max unwinding diameter 800 mm
  • max paper width 350 mm
  • flexo printing and die cutting in semirotary mode: 330 x 435 mm
  • flexo printing and semirotary die cutting in ortary mode: 19"
  • max rewinding diameter 400 - 800 mm
  • max speed up to 70 m/minute

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