MO-350 semirotary label press

MO350 machines integrate the offset units developed by Mida Maquinaria - in collaboration with the SID institute (Sächsische Institut für die Druckindustrie) - into the semi-rotary platform, and feature the best German technology:

  • technotrans water temperature control system with independent circuits for dampening and kneading,
  • self-learning automatic ink tanks from Eltromat control panel, with digital workflow and profiling from the pre-printing department,
  • Bottcher printing rollers.

Offset printing units can be combined with letterpress and flexo printing units, and with in-line finishing. The extremely quick start and the speeds it can reach, ensure competitiveness both for small and large label production. You can go from the roll to the finished product in just one run, without using inspection machines.

The digital workflow uses CIP3 profiled files for inking and dampening, that are automatic and self-learning.
The max print size is 330 x 280 mm and the job changes are carried out in a few minutes, thanks to the plate exchange that is performed outside the machine. The maximum speed is 12,000 printing cycles per hour.