T2-C Professional

T2-C Professional is a printer for the production of adhesive roll labels.
It is equipped with state-of-the-art servomotors, with electronic control of the paper tension, electronic web guide, automatic printhead cleaning, aeronautic aluminium and stainless steel frame, LCD display, remote control and remote diagnosis system, real time calculation of ink consumption and cost per copy.

The machine is able to print on continuous paper or on preprinted or pre-die-cut labels, even in full bleed mode. It features a set of knives for multi-line longitudinal cutting of the labels.

The “core” of the machine is a Memjet® Sirius drop-on-demand printing system, with new type Niagara inks, improved resistance to water and sunlight. Printing speed is 18 m/minute at 800 x 1.600 dpi and 9 m/minute at 1600 x 1600 dpi.

The Professional version includes one licence of Label Calculator management software and remote assistance with management functions.

The printer may be equipped with RIP for the management of Pantone colors, and with a system for the continuous outfeed of paper for the direct infeed of the finishing line.
The very limited cost of the T2-C is achieved by using 2-liter high capacity CMYK ink tanks, while the very compact dimensions make it suitable to be placed in any environment.

The technological characteristics of T2-C make it suitable for 4.0 Industry.
T2-C is also available as operating lease (rent). Contact us for a free trial!

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