Founded in 1993, and located in Vitoria (Spain), Mida Maquinaria has been recognized for their high quality equipment for printing and embellishment. 
In recent years, it has specialized in the high end wine label, cosmetic, and nutricutical label sectors.

With over 130 systems installed in Italy, Mida Maquinaria is one of the most popular and appreciated brands. Currently Mida offers a wide range of printing and finishing machines and is well known for the reliability of its products. In 2022 Mida Maquinaria joined Lemu Group.

  • Mida MF350

    Mida MF350

    Flexo semirotary label printing machine

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  • Mida MA350

    Mida MA350

    Label finishing machine

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  • Mida MO350

    Mida MO350

    Offset semirotary label printing machine

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  • Mida LI220 RFID Advanced

    Mida LI220 RFID Advanced

    Machine for RFID and NFC labels

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  • Mida LI220

    Mida LI220

    Machine for multilayer and RFID labels

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