Semi-rotary machines are very much appreciated because they provide high quality, yet keeping the costs at competitive level.

The intermittent movement allows to print labels with any size without changing cylinders or gears. It starts quickly and the material waste is small; the plate cost is limited, since it is not necessary to cover the entire printing cylinder with polymer. Unlike many rotary or digital machines, semi-rotary machines allow to go from the roll to the finished product in just one run, without inspection machines or off-line finishing.

With over 100 systems installed in Italy from 1995 until today, MIDA is one of the most popular and appreciated brands. Currently Mida offers a wide range of printing and finishing machines, all of them with shaftless technology.

  • MO-350 semirotary label press

    MO-350 semirotary label press

    High-speed offset semirotary label press

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  • MFX

    MFX-350 flexo semirotary label press

    High-speed (up to 70 m/min) flexo semirotary label press

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  • MA

    MA-350 combi finishing label press

    High-speed combi finishing label press

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