Lemorau RFID

  • MEBR+ con delam relam, applicazione tag RFID, fustellatore con gestione della pressione da touch screen, sfridatore a contatto, ribobinatori


Solutions for RFID industry


Lemorau manufactures systems for printing and converting RFID labels. We can supply rotary or semi-rotary printing and/or finishing machines with inline tag insertion, as well as 100% inspection machines with inline tag insertion.

Lemorau machines, depending on configuration, allow to add modules according to customer needs.


  • Flexo, inkjet or hybrid machines with tag insertion
  • Finishing machines with tag insertion
  • 100% inspection machines with tag insertion

  • Web width 250, 330, 400, 450 mm (10, 13, 16, 18″) or custom
  • Printing section (flexo semirotary/rotary, screen, inkjet LED)
  • Embellishing section (lamination, cold foil, hot stamping)
  • 100% web inspection
  • Rotary / semirotary die cutting units
  • Roll-to-roll- and roll-to-sheet
  • Turnbar, delam/relam and many other options
  • Booklet module
  • Cast’n’cure for holograms
  • Multilayer module
  • Industry 4.0 kit

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