Mida LI220 RFID Advanced

Mida LI220 is a machine for RFID and NFC tag application.

What makes LI220 different from other solutions is the possibility of working with labels ready for shipment, already printed, die-cut and without matrix. LI220 Advanced lifts labels from the liner, it places RFID/NFC tags on the liner and it positions again the labels on top of tags, everything in a single pass, at high speed and with maximum precision.

This way you can:

  • Avoid the waste of the traditional delam/relam system
  • Avoid tag damage, as they are not subjected to mechanical stress (eg printing, die-cutting, embossing pressure) nor to thermal shock (hot stamping, UV or IR drying)
  • Use existing label rolls, beyond their origin and the technology used to produce them

On top of this, with LI220 RFID

  • You can create multilayer labels, of great tactile and visual effect, including peel & reveal, anti-counterfeiting and promotional labels;
  • You can modify or normalize the gap between labels
  • You can bring in a single liner labels coming from different reels or technologies;
  • You can replace the damaged liner due to excessive die-cutting or embossing pressure;
  • You can print variable data, through inkjet modules (optional)

  • Two unwinders, with pneumatic shafts Ø 3”
  • Three BST Eltromat web guides
  • Two splice tables
  • High speed label-on-label applicator with register + 0,1 mm, depending on job
  • HMI multi language touch screen
  • Web tension systems with carbon fiber rolls
  • Two rewinders, with pneumatic shafts Ø 3”
  • Max web width 220 mm
  • “Master” roll max diameter: 500 mm
  • “Slave” roll max diameter: 400 mm
  • speed 60 m/min, depending on job

  • Video inspection system
  • Inkjet systems for variable data
  • RFID / NFC inspection systems

LI220 is available for sale and rental. Contact us for a free trial!

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